Deputy PM Ismatullozoda Visits Military Units

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DUSHANBE,  On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Shirin Ismatullozoda and the Chairman of the Committee for Youth Affairs and Sports Abdulloh Rahmonzoda visited two military units located in Shohmansur district and Tursunzoda city.

Ismatullozoda got acquainted with the readiness of military units to prevent infectious diseases, including coronavirus, the condition of medical facilities, the condition of soldiers, their sleeping quarters, food, washrooms, classrooms, sports fields, military training facilities, and parks.

“The national army is a reliable shield based on the courage and bravery of youth. Service to the homeland is the filial duty, the faith and conscience of every honorable young man, and is a great school for training the will, courage, bravery and patriotism. Fulfilling this duty is a sign of human maturity of every youth,” said Ismatullozoda in a meeting with soldiers and officers.

The officials of the military units were instructed to take measures for the effective use of the lands at their disposal.

Military units are provided with food and they have a large stock of farm products.

These military units were provided with antiseptics and sports equipment to ensure the sanitary and hygienic condition and training of soldiers.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan