Determined winners in sport competitions

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According to the results of the competition, in sport events; chess, checkers, mini football, volleyball, table tennis, weightlifting determine the winner.

Thus, in weightlifting among girls in the weight category of 53 kilograms Nuriddinova Khilola ranked first and Mahmadaliyeva Guljakhon won second place. Among young men in the weight of 110 kilograms won the first place Nuriddinov Bahriddin, second place Giyoev Pulod.

Thus, the winners of the chess among boys; the first place wined Davron Bozorali, second place Zamon Bozorali, third place Madaminov Shohzamon and Shahriyor Yorahmad.

In chess among girls; won first place Sherhonova Salbiya, second place Nazarova Adiba, third place Dilafruzi Ashur and Zaripova Munisa.

In the volleyball tournament determined the winners among the teams of institutions, enterprises and local authorities in the city of Kulob.

First place won the team of Jamoat "Dahana" in Kulob, second place won the team of the Medical College of Kulob and third place won the team of the Technological University of Kulob.

The table tennis competitions won among boys and girls; Khotamov Saifullo won first place, Ismoilzoda Mehrodzhiddin, Ravshanov Sayod was awarded third place. The winners among the girls; took first place Bekova Dilorom, second place went to Halifaeva Guldasta, and third place was given to Halifaeva Guldasta.

Also ended the competition on mini football among teams of institutions, enterprises and local authorities in Kulob, footballers of team "Istiqlol" won the first place, the second place "Ravshan" team and the third place won the team "Navbahor".

Among the youth teams first place went to the team of the Medical College, the second was team of "Somon" and third place went to the team of Police College in Kulob.

In the game between the teams of football among girl players MIA Police College girls in Kulob and College of Medicine, College of Medicine, won with the score 2: 0.

Also, in mini-football competitions the best player announced Murodov Shodi, the best hitter Jomii Abdurahmon and best goalkeeper Asimova Gulchehra.

The winners of the competition, in checkers, chess, volleyball, table tennis, mini football and weightlifting were awarded valuable gifts "Mobile Phones" on behalf of the Founder of Peace and National Unity, the leader of the nation, the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon. Also on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs winners were awarded with medals, certificates of honor and valuable gifts. Awards were presented to winners by the Chief Organizational Inspection of the Interior Ministry police colonel Rahimzoda Abdulrahim Abdurahmon, chief of staff of the Office and work with staff of the Interior Ministry police colonel Ramazonzoda Suhrob Karomatullo and head of the Passport and Registration Service of Interior Ministry militia colonel Bobozoda Yunus Nazar.

Thus ended the cultural, entertainment and sporting events, as well as the action "Shirinihoi Shark" (East Sweets) in the culture park Kulob in honor of the 25th anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan