Do not go fishing in the dark: the CoES gives safety recommendations in the off-season

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The CoES of Tajikistan informs the citizens of the country that unfavorable meteorological conditions are expected in the off-season. In particular, a decrease in the temperature background, rain, in some high-mountainous regions – strong. The average air temperature in the valleys will decrease by 6-8 degrees.


In order to prevent natural and man-made accidents, the Committee offers a number of recommendations:


– on rainy days, as far as possible, refrain from traveling, hiking to dangerous areas, collecting firewood, medicinal herbs, hunting, fishing;


population living in rural, foothill and mountainous areas pay attention to the condition of mudflows, irrigation canals and canals. For owners of one-story private houses, timely clean the roof from the collected leaves and debris;


– do not leave children unattended. If you send them to school or for a walk alone, warn them about the danger of rock falls, mudflows, have a conversation with them.


– in order to prevent accidents on the roads, especially when using mountain roads and passes, restrict movement at night. Observe all traffic regulations, especially speed limits;


– check the serviceability of electrical wiring, sockets and switches, especially in utility rooms. Homemade electrical appliances are unacceptable for use.


– do not leave heating stoves unattended by an adult;


– vacationers in nature should take into account the weather conditions and the short duration of the autumn daylight hours. First of all, this applies to fishing enthusiasts. Do not go to bodies of water in windy weather, as well as in the dark. Inform family and friends about the routes of recreation and fishing. Take a cell phone with two SIM cards and a full charge.


If you witness incidents, call the emergency services: 112, 223 13 11: 221 91 19 or 93 880 28 19.


Source: Asia Plus