DONALD TUSK: Almighty has bestowed your country with innumerable natural resources

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European Council President Donald Tusk, who visited Tajikistan during his Central Asian tour, visited Lake Sarez and the Darvaz district.

He praised the great water resources of Tajikistan and voiced his impression of Sarez Lake.

Let's imagine how beautiful it was when it was surrounded by ice glaciers! Natural cycles are changing here, five glaciers have already disappeared, and water is rising. Climate change is a global issue we need to fight together! Said Tusk.

When we look at this unique lake, first of all, we see valuable natural wealth water. We must use water rationally and efficiently, because this priceless natural treasure is considered the most expensive and important. Indeed, not a single country in the world owns such wealth as Tajikistan. Pure clear water and picturesque nature lead to the admiration of one and all. The Almighty has bestowed your country with innumerable natural resources, this suggests that he is merciful to you, he added.

Today, the main problem in the modern world is the lack of safe drinking water, and Tajikistan's contribution to solving this urgent problem is huge. In recent years, the fourth proposal of the Tajik side related to water has been well received by the world community, which is a great achievement of the Tajik people, he continued and added that today, not only in the countries of the region, but throughout the world, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon is considered the main initiator in solving problems related to the lack of safe drinking water and the protection of natural resources.

The successive initiatives of Tajikistan are significant, since the country with its vast natural resources does not stand aside and takes care of solving the problems of the inhabitants of the planet.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan