“DOST” to pay over AZN 0.5 million to “Deloitte & Touche”

The Agency for Sustainable and Operational Social Security ("DOST") announced about conclusion of a contract on 31 May with "Deloitte and Touche" (INN: 1300679981) on the external audit of its financial statements for fiscal years 2022, 2023 and 2024, as well as financial documents of DOST centres and economic entities under the Agency. This is the second procurement tender by this agency under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) on this subject, which is won by the same company. According to the unified portal of public e-procurements, the value of the contract between the parties is AZN 529,112 ($311,200). The company's services also include consulting and training services. "Deloitte and Touche" Ltd has been selected by method of request for proposals https://etender.gov.az/main/competition/detail/287480. In January, Turan news agency with reference to public procurement portal reported ("Deloitte and Touche" to conduct an audit of DOST Agency", 9 January 2023) that according to the results of an open tender the cost of the bid of the winner was AZN 446,200 ($262,300). On 24 February the tender commission informed the public that the results of the tender were annulled in accordance with a letter from the state supervisory authority. However, the tender commission was silent about what motivated the Antimonopoly Agency's position. It should be recalled that the "DOST" agency was set up in 2018 to provide quick and convenient access to employment, labour, social security and welfare services to the public through a network of "DOST" centres. The agency is funded through the MLSS. However, no amount of funding for the agency and its units has been disclosed. Also, the "DOST" agency has not published financial statements for 2019-2021.

Source: Turan News Agency