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In fact, if a person is proud of his parents, ancestors, then every citizen of Tajikistan has a full moral right to be proud of the name of the Motherland and its capital - Dushanbe. Because Dushanbe is the cradle of the revival of the Tajik nation, the unity of the aspirations of the Tajiks and all Tajiks.

Dushanbe is the center of the Republic of Tajikistan, a city that connects hearts, a place of love and compassion, home to great Tajiks. Dushanbe is a city for everyone from small to large. Homeland, where we were born and grew up. A country we love like a caring mother.

Dushanbe is a great city, which is the center of hope and aspirations of Tajiks as a great and famous nation. As we walk the streets of this great city, we instinctively enjoy the beauty of its surroundings. We are proud of our nation when we meet the hospitable and cultured people with the high culture of its citizens.

Dushanbe is a place of wise men, honorable women and happy children. It’s a heartwarming, heartwarming and definitely fascinating theme. Dushanbe is a beautiful and heartfelt city and a place of hospitable , generous and proud people:

Dear friend, come to

see Dushanbe.

Tajikistan - our dear homeland has become very beautiful with the efforts of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon and the city of Dushanbe. In particular, the capital of the country, Dushanbe, today has completely changed its image and turned into a green and everlasting city. There are many beautiful and modern cultural and recreational parks, attractive streets and avenues, sports grounds and other residential facilities. Observance of municipal rules is a condition and necessary for every citizen. Every resident of the capital should try to observe the cleanliness of this cultural place of our country, to encourage others to observe the order and discipline of the mayor and never to break the rules.

It is gratifying that the capital of our beloved country - Dushanbe this year has been recognized as the cultural capital of the CIS, and the acquisition of this status of the capital of our country is a source of pride for each of us.

Today in the capital of the country, Dushanbe, all necessary opportunities and conditions have been created for young and old of the country. All these concerns of the State and the Government of the country and the city of Dushanbe should be appreciated. After all, this is all the hard work for the people of this land, so that they can always be happy and live a peaceful life.

Therefore, we have to glorify this ancestral land with all its greatness, because it is a great city that touches our hearts and minds. Dushanbe is a place famous for its flowers. High-rise buildings, spacious palaces and halls, large universities and colleges, administrative and cultural buildings, in addition to all this political, cultural and economic center, has made Dushanbe ten times more beautiful and famous.

Dushanbe is the pride of the time of every honorable inhabitant of this beautiful land. When we read in the works of this or that great writer the description of this lovely garden, it is safe to say that Dushanbe is the tenth of all these praises and values, the most beautiful of all the beauties of the world, which fascinates the mind of the servant.

Dushanbe is like a nigga in the hearts of Tajiks and Tajiks. The old men and women of this everlasting land are like butterflies around the only light of this beautiful city. The doors of the big hotels of Dushanbe as a home of hopes and aspirations are always open to the guests, and its noble and noble children give it a royal charm with the Aryan spirit, with the kindness of Kayani.

Yes, thankfully we have such a famous capital. Thanks to its cultural people, who are the pride of the great Tajik nation. The children of this world-famous gardener have always glorified their beloved country from afar and cherish the freedom of the weather, its flowers and plants in their hearts.

It is a source of pride for all the residents of this beautiful city that such a lofty and charming place has become our Motherland. From the bottom of our hearts and souls, we should worship every flower, plant, stone, water and soil with all our being and strength.

Dushanbe, as a great center of our beloved and independent Tajikistan, is flourishing every day and every hour, and day by day it can be seen as prosperous, beautiful, relaxed and heartwarming. Who is the great-hearted person who has not benefited from the pleasant weather of this beautiful place? Who is a man who does not know and is proud of the power and greatness of this land with its honest people? There is no Tajik who has not felt the greatness of this place. There is not a moment when the fragrant smell of Dushanbe does not captivate the heart full of love and fragrant aroma of its people.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan