Dushanbe Celebrates Red, White, Green

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Dushanbe will celebrate National Flag Day of Tajikistan with special triumph and a series of events, reports the Department of Public Information and External Affairs of the Chairman's Office.

Meetings and events devoted to this holiday will be held on November 22 in the capital's districts, with the main events planned to take place on November 24 at the State Flag Park.

The National flag of Tajikistan was approved 27 years ago, on November 24, 1992, at the 16th session of the Supreme Council of Tajikistan in Khujand.

The National Flag Day of Tajikistan has been celebrated since 2009.

Red stands for the struggle for freedom and independence. White represents happiness, aspirations and hope. Green is a symbol of prosperity, pride and eternity. The crown and seven stars in its center symbolize the historical roots of the statehood of independent Tajikistan.

For the 20th anniversary of state independence in 2011, the world's highest flagpole (165 meters) was installed in Dushanbe which was listed in the Guinness World Records.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan