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Early childhood education must be made compulsory, says Morocco's King Mohammed VI, noting that any reform should be based on this solid foundation, since early years education enables children to acquire mental and cognitive skills and abilities which will ensure smooth access to learning and success in school.

"Important steps have been taken in the area of basic education in Morocco, and although the enrolment rate has increased, early childhood education has not benefited from government efforts in this field," the king added in a message sent to participants of the National Day on Early Childhood Education, which opened Wednesday in Skhirat.

"The number of beneficiaries is markedly low, and there are significant disparities between urban and rural areas. In addition to variations with regard to the teaching methods used and the number of educators and teachers, there is a large number of stakeholders involved," the King underlined in his message, which was read out by Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Said Amzazi.

"To rise to the challenge of reforming the education system, early childhood education must be made compulsory for the State and the family, as per the law. It should also be incorporated gradually in the compulsory education system, within the framework of an overall, integrated education policy," the king said.

Furthermore, legal and regulatory texts governing this type of education should be adopted using a modern vision, he underlined, noting that this effort should be fully in line with the comprehensive reform Morocco seeks to achieve.

"To this end, we need to use an innovative pedagogical model that takes into account the major achievements made in the field of education sciences as well as successful experiences in pre-school education," he said.