Eco Times Magazine Covers Tajikistan’s Tourist Destinations

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In the light of the declaration of 2019-2021 as the Period of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts, the Embassy of Tajikistan in Iran in collaboration with the Institute of Culture of the Organization for Economic Cooperation (ECO) published an article in English about Tajikistan's tourist sites and opportunities for ecological tourism in the last 29th issue of Eco Times magazine.

The article contains interesting information about the nature, rivers, lakes, mountains and beautiful places of Tajikistan, such as the National Park of Tajikistan, the Romit nature reserve, Almosi and Zorkul, the National Historical Park of Shirkent, the National Park of Sari Khosor, the Pamir and Fan Mountains, Sarez Lake, Iskandarkul and Haftkul.

The article includes photographs illustrating the extraordinary beauty of these destinations.

The published material represents Tajikistan as the country of the highest peaks, largest glaciers, numerous mountain rivers, with the most diverse and rare species of fauna and flora. The articles recommends visiting this wonderfully hospitable land.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan