EDB analysts expect prices to drop in Tajikistan

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The policy of the National Bank of Tajikistan is aimed at returning inflation within the target parameters, according to the September Macroeconomic Review of the Eurasian Development Bank.


It is noted that price growth is outside the NBT target interval (6+/-2%), inflation in the republic in July amounted to 8.3% (annual inflation, – ed.), remaining at the same level as in June 2022. Higher inflation rate is explained by rising prices for food (9.7% yoy), especially flour (38.6% yoy), as well as for transport services (19.5% yoy).


«It can be expected that the stabilization of world prices for food and energy (as a result, for fuel for transport) will help reduce inflation in the country by the end of the year», – EDB analysts predict.


Source: Asia-Plus