Educational lessons with the participation of police officers

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Implementing the instructions and instructions given at the Early Peace and National Conference, the National Leader, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, and the leadership of the Department of Internal Affairs in Sughd Region with a view to preventing crime and crime between juveniles and young people to plan the meetings of the Board of Directors students of higher education, college and vocational-technical schools. Responsible officers carry a training course for students.

According to this scheme, the head of the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Personnel of the Department of Police of Azimzoda Mehravsho Askar held an informal meeting with a student of the Faculty of Economics and Innovative Technology of Tajik State University of Commerce and Industry in Khujand.

Students were given information on criminal cases, current laws, events related to the life of young people to expand political knowledge. It was said that youth should have a strong will, a wide spectrum of worldviews, evaluate the situation, and choose the right path to live.

These classes were organized by the Faculty of Construction and Transport Faculty of the Tajik Technical University and Foreign Languages Faculty of Khujand State University named after academician B.Gafurov, chief information officer of the MIA department in Sughd province, police chief Shomir Saidov Abdurasul Samadovich.

There was an urgent need for the youth to talk about the crime situation among young people, undesirable events by youngsters, that young people would not be deceived by any group and pursuing their education. It was highlighted that as a result of the youth's involvement in preventing youth from involuntary movements, students could be contributing to the mental health of the community. It was recommended to peer to describe the consequence of a traumatic event involving such youths.

During the training classes, the representatives of internal affairs agencies have advocated for the safety of the Motherland, serving the interests of society and contributing to the progress and prosperity of Tajikistan.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan