Eid al-Fitr Will Be Celebrated on May 24

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DUSHANBE,  Yesterday, the Ulema Council of the Tajik Islamic Center determined the date of the holy holiday Eid al-Fitr.

The Ulema noted that according to scientific calculations, Eid al-Fitr is to be celebrated throughout Tajikistan on Sunday.

As large gatherings are currently banned due to the pandemic, and consequently attending the traditional holiday prayer marking the end of the month of fasting is not an option, the Ulema advises against forming groups, and instead reading the holiday prayer in one’s own home.

The sadaqa and zakat, or the customary chairty donations made during this holiday, should be directed to the needy, the poor, disabled, and orphans, and the special account to help COVID-19 patients, recommends the Ulema.

“From the point of view of religion, festive celebrations are not mandatory. Even in peacetime, it was not a mandatory requirement for Muslims. Today we find ourselves in an unfavorable situation, and a gathering crowd of people comes with a high risk of unpleasant consequences,” explained the Chairman of the Committee for Religion, Regulation of Traditions, Celebrations and Ceremonies Sulaymon Davlatzoda.

According to Davlatzoda, if the purpose of festive celebrations is to communicate with each other, then our compatriots can congratulate each other by other modern means such as via Skype, phone and text messaging.

Davlatzoda also noted that our compatriots should not panic and to retain their optimism.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan