Emomali Rahmon Continues His Trip in Sughd Province

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DUSHANBE, The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon attended the opening ceremony of the state kindergarten Parastu in the city of Guliston.

All rooms of the two-story school are supplied with state-of-the-art equipment and teaching aids. The pre-school will accommodate 500 students and classes will betaught in Tajik, Russia and English. The school employs 38 people.

President Emomali Rahmon also took part in a ceremony for the newly erected 50-meter flag pole flying a 14-meter by 7-meter flag of Tajikistan.

Mahmud and Company LLC's opening ceremony in the industrial zone of Guliston in Sughd was also attended by President Emomali Rahmon. The enterprise which currently employs 100 local specialists was built by a local entrepreneur Abdushukur Rajabov.

The company produces reinforcement materials for the construction of various objects, including multi-level buildings. Mahmud and Company LLC was built within three months. Its production capacity is 50,000 tons of reinforcement materials per year. Approximately 30% of raw materials used in production are purchased domestically; the rest is imported from Kazakhstan and China.

Last year, the companies in Guliston produced industrial products totaling 3.4 billion somoni.

Today, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon visited the rural municipality of Haydar Usmonov of the Bobojon Ghafurov district, where he took part in the inauguration of the regional Hospital No. 3.

President Rahmon praised the three-story hospital as he inspected its condition. The hospital has 120 beds and consists of four departments. Itsconstruction began in 2017.

The hospital is provided with advanced medical and technical equipment imported from China, Germany and Japan and currently employs 30 medical professionals.

President Emomali Rahmon also attended the flag raising ceremony to commemorate the opening of the new 50-meter flag pole at the new square.

Thereafter, President Emomali Rahmon attended the opening of the Palace of Culture, Music School, Youth Club Arts, and the administrative building of the rural community of Haydar Usmonov in Bobojon Ghafurov.

The Palace of Youth was commissioned in 2014. It has an assembly hall with 400 seats for holding meetings and cultural events. A music school located on the second floor specializes in 10 instruments. The building also houses a modern library with high-speed internet.

President Emomali Rahmon gave a speech before the whole audience and congratulate them on the commisiioning of modern complex.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan