Emomali Rahmon: “Rabbani as a politician contributed to the peace process of Tajiks”

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President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, speaking at a videoconference in honor of the former President of Afghanistan Burhoniddin Rabbani, spoke about his contribution to the peace process of Tajiks.


The conference was held in London and was broadcast online to all countries.


Emomali Rahmon warmly spoke of Burhoniddin Rabbani as a strong, tolerant, far-sighted person, an experienced politician and regarded his role as important in consistent aspirations in establishing peace and tranquility in the region and Afghanistan, the press service of the head of state reports.


According to the Tajik leader, the years of Rabbani’s presidency are considered one of the most difficult periods in the modern history of Afghanistan.


Emomali Rahmon stressed that Rabbani, as a politician, contributed to the peace process of Tajiks.


«The government of Tajikistan has always been in touch with the government of Afghanistan, and will continue to support the peace-loving policy of this fraternal country» – said the president.


The President also noted that Tajikistan is a supporter of the establishment of peace and fundamental economic development of Afghanistan and expressed confidence that the people of Afghanistan can take the fate and future of their land into their own hands and establish peace and tranquility in their country.

Source: Asia Plus