Emomali Rahmon spoke at the UN General Assembly

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In his speech, he stated that the already unstable situation in the modern world is further complicated by geopolitical and geo-economic competition and the growing level of threats and dangers, as well as the unprecedented spread of infectious diseases, the press service of the president reports.

Rahmon stressed that the recent events in Afghanistan, which led to a deep political, humanitarian and governance crisis, pose a serious threat to regional security and stability.

According to him, the crisis situation in Afghanistan, which has a common border of 1,400 kilometers with Tajikistan, cannot leave the government and people of the country indifferent..

" The rise to power of the Taliban movement, which has been included in the list of terrorist groups by the UN Security Council, further complicated the already complex geopolitical process in the region.

The Taliban's failure to fulfill its earlier promises to form an inclusive government with broad Afghan political and ethnic participation is a matter of grave concern.

Tajikistan strongly condemns all forms of lawlessness, murder, robbery and oppression of the Afghan people.

Source: Asia-Plus