Entrepreneurs of Khatlon Get Acquainted with Activities of the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone in Turkiye

As part of the visit to Turkiye, the delegation of the Khatlon region got acquainted with the activities of the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone and met with its administration.

Turkiye side informed that there are 6 organized industrial zones in Gaziantep, covering an area of 4,500 hectares. More than 1,000 manufacturing companies operating in these industrial zones employ 250,000 people.

Vice President of Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone Umar Jinjikchi added that up to 30 foreign companies are currently operating in the region, including Syria, the United Arab Emirates and the Baltic countries.

The Chairman of the Khatlon region Kurbon Hakimzoda noted that at present more than 100 investment companies of Turkiye operate in Tajikistan, and the volume of investments is growing every year.

He informed about the economic potential of the Khatlon region and the main areas of investment.

Hakimzoda also noted that there are significant reserves of raw materials, the necessary opportunities and potential to create joint ventures and strengthen cooperation in the region.

“Our trip to Turkiye is aimed at establishing fruitful cooperation in the fields of the agro-industrial complex, including crop and livestock production, processing of meat and milk, fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants and the production of medicines, strengthening crafts, as well as establishing direct contacts between light industry enterprises, including spinning, textile, paint and varnish and sewing, for the manufacture of shoes and leather products, organizing and ensuring the effective operation of industrial zones aimed at exporting,” added the Chairman of Khatlon.

Following the meeting, Chairman of Bokhtar Sijouddin Salomzoda and Vice President of the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone Umar Jinjikchi signed a cooperation agreement on developing trade and economic relations, considering investment opportunities and creating joint ventures in light industry.

Additionally, cooperation agreement was signed between the Panj Free Economic Zone, and the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone.

The delegation of the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone was invited to visit the Panj Free Economic Zone next year.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan