EU Delegation to Tajikistan going fully digital online: European Union in Tajikistan 2.0

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“Just as our notion of time, which in 2020 seems to have been standing still, as most of us seen our usual plans be either postponed, cancelled, or indefinitely put on hold.  At the same time, in 2020 time also seems to just have flown by. As we rapidly move towards the close of 2020 many previously unimaginable new habits are embraced into our daily routines.  Hand sanitizers, facemasks, temperature checks, long WebEx meetings, Online Zooms parties with our family and friends from far, cancelled flights, new lock down hobbies, and frequent take away and online delivery of practically everything and anything.  This is our new normal.


“In these new times, individuals, families, friends, societies and countries have demonstrated extraordinary resilience by swiftly adopting to the new post COVID19 pandemic reality. We have found new ways and means to reach out, connect, interact, exchange, relate and show solidary with each other.  Not least, here in Tajikistan where a remarkable mobilization to counter the negative impacts of COVID19 has been registered at practically all levels of society.  As this year’s end of the year festivities take consideration to public health and all individuals’ well-being–large public gatherings and the usual festive events are postponed.  Yet, even in 2020, or rather especially in 2020, the need for us to connect, reflect, exchange, take stock and learn from each other to do more and better in the future is still there. 2020 is in no way a lost year, but a year for reflection and a new chance for all of us to build back better!


“To this end, the European Union Delegation in Tajikistan, as part of our annual “EU in Tajikistan outreach campaign” will wholeheartedly embrace the new digital opportunities that 2020 provides us with –by going fully digital online: European Union in Tajikistan 2.0!


“In the coming weeks we will offer you a series of digital events and entertainment through our  new “EU in Tajikistan” online channels.  Focusing on the programs and topics that we consider vital for our activities here in Tajikistan.  Such as Education/Erasmus Plus, Environment, Climate Change, Digital Innovation, Gender Equality, Private Sector Development, promoting Agribusiness, Rural Development and Human Rights.  Through these digital events, you will be able to exchange and hear directly from our project partners and beneficiaries as well as ask us your own questions and give suggestions. Promoting closer cultural ties between Tajikistan and the European Union has always been a prominent feature of the EU in Tajikistan annual campaign.  Naturally this is the case also this year and where an online New Year’s Concert and a digital European Film Fest will connect past nostalgia with futuristic visions. Check out the full European Union in Tajikistan 2.0 program below and tune in via our social media for more information and events.”

Source: Asia Plus