European Championship in Baku: awarding ceremony for winners in individual program (PHOTO)

On May 21, at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, the ceremony of awarding the winners and prize-winners of the 39th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship among gymnasts performing in the individual program was held, Trend reports.

The winners and prize-winners in the individual exercise program with hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon were awarded.

In the exercise with a hoop, Victoria Onoprienko (Ukraine) climbed to the highest step of the podium, Adi Asya Katz (Israel) took the second place, Boryana Kaleyn (Bulgaria) took the third place.

Sofia Raffaeli (Italy) won the gold medal in the ball program, Stiliana Nikolova (Bulgaria) won the silver medal, Zohra Agamirova (Azerbaijan) won the bronze medal.

Sofia Raffaeli (Italy) showed the best result in clubs composition, Boryana Kaleyn (Bulgaria) took the second place, Yekaterina Vedeneeva (Slovenia) took the third place.

In the ribbon exercise, Daria Varfolomeev from Germany won the gold medal, Eva Brezalieva (Bulgaria) won the silver medal, and Stiliana Nikolova (Bulgaria) won the bronze medal.

The awards were presented by Vice President of European Gymnastics Edward Kolar, Secretary General of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) Nurlana Mammadzade, Vice President of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) Altay Hasanov.

The 39th European Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics is being held on May 17-21 at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku. Gymnasts from 38 countries are participating in the European Championship in Baku, held under the "Shine like a star" motto.

Source: Trend News Agency