Every Hour Two Thousand People Visit Tajikistan’s Pavilion at the EXPO 2019

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Tajikistan's pavillion at the Horticultural Expo 2019 Beijing, which was opened on April 29, is visited by an average of 2,000 people every hour.

In the first half of the day 1,500-2,000 people visit Tajikistan's pavilion and up to 3,000 people in the second half of the day, reported the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tajikistan.

The number of visitors increased during the May holiday celebrations, which in China lasts until May 5. On May 3, the pavilion was visited by more than 40,000 people. The visitors are mainly Chinese citizens and foreign citizens from nearly all continents. Tajik citizens who study and work in China also made an appearance. Until May 3, the number of visitors exceeded 100,000 people.

Tajikistan's pavilion is one of the most frequented pavilions, according to the EXPO 2019 organizers.

The pavilion as a whole demonstrates the development of horticulture in Tajikistan, its beautiful mountainous nature, its water, energy and tourist potential, as well as the history, culture and the traditions, including the folk arts of the Tajik people.

The EXPO 2019 is held under the motto Green Life and a Better Life. The theme of the pavilion of Tajikistan is Horticulture in the Rural Development.

The exposition was created by the organizing committee under the Ministry of Agriculture of Tajikistan.

Its visitors and experts noted that the Tajik pavilion is a vivid reflection of the rich history and national culture of the Tajiks, and most importantly corresponds to the theme of the development of horticulture in Tajikistan.

The pavilion itself looks like a rich palace decorated with bright colors and national patterns. Inside the pavilion, imitating a typical Tajik rural house with a small courtyard, is decorated with elements of national design and architecture. Carved columns are installed between which stands a national seating covered with brightly embroidered kurpach as and pillows, as well as a carved table made by Tajik craftsmen. Also showcased is an outline map of Tajikistan with photos of juicy fruits from all the regions of the country.

Over 110 participating countries and international organizations, as well as 120 unofficial structures are represented in the expo.

The National Day of Tajikistan will be held and celebrated within the expo on August 20.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan