Facts stolen cash

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To police authorities with a statement about the theft turned 37-year-old resident of Dusti, that in the night from 11 th to 12 th December 2016, an unknown person, secretly by penetrating into his house, from the safe stole 85,000 Russian rubles and fled the scene.

In carrying out search operations by police on suspicion of theft was detained 28-year-old resident of Dusti district.

On the case of theft, also appealed to the police 30-year-old woman, resident of Kulob, working as a watchman in the cemetery Mehrinisso located on the territory of the Jamoat H.Usmonov B. Gafurov district, on the night from 12th to 13th December 2016, unknown from the security booth stole cash in the amount of 25,000 somoni.

During carrying out of operatively-search actions by police of involvement in this crime has been detained previously convicted under article 138 of the Criminal Code RT 28-year-old resident of B. Gafurov district.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted and an investigation is under way.




Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan