FEZ “Dangara”: “The company” Hasan and Co “has nothing to do with the construction of the refinery” TK-oil “

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The administration of the Dangara Free Economic Zone has denied the involvement of Hasan and Co in the construction of a large oil refinery on the territory of this zone.


The administration of the FEZ “Dangara” sent a letter about this to the editorial office of “Asia-Plus” after the publication on September 18 of the material “The work of a large refinery in Tajikistan is postponed due to lack of raw materials”.


The published message stated that “the construction of an oil refinery in the FEZ“ Dangara ”with a design capacity of 1.2 million tons of oil per year began in 2014 and it was built by the Tajik-Chinese joint venture TK-oil, established by the Chinese company Dong Ying heli Investment and Development and Tajik “Hasan and Co”.


Note that this information back in 2013 was provided to the Asia-Plus correspondent by the director of “Hasan and Co” CJSC Hasan Fayzov.


He then said that Hasan and Co CJSC and the Chinese Dong Ying heli Investment and Development Co. Ltd created the joint venture “TK-oil”, and soon the construction of an oil refinery with a primary capacity of 300 thousand tons per year will begin, and with the prospect of bringing the annual capacity to more than 1 million tons.


It is noteworthy that information about the participation of “Hasan and Co” in the construction of this refinery was provided regularly in media reports related to the construction of this facility over the past six years. However, it is refuted only now.


Source: Asia Plus