Five Tons of Disinfectants Is Being Used Daily to Prevent COVID-19 Proliferation

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DUSHANBE,  For the second week now, disinfection of buildings and streets is being carried out daily in the cities and districts, and even in remote villages of Tajikistan.

The ministry considers disinfection an effective tool in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

“In addition to the airborne droplet method, this virus is also transmitted by contact, which happens quite often. The lifespan of a virus in the air is short, but on various objects it can last quite a long time, up to three or more days. Therefore, all crowded places must be constantly treated with special disinfecting solutions,” notes the ministry.

The ministry also advises citizens to clean their surroundings with conventional means and air the premises often. Using chlorine and alcohol containing solutions is recommended.

Mobile groups of the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense have been actively working to decontaminate streets, departmental institutions, squares and crowded places with virucidal solutions containing sodium hypochlorite and calcium.

Yesterday, over five tons of hypochlorite solution was used to disinfect markets and public transportation stops. Additionally, awareness-raising campaigns are ongoing.

Special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are also carrying out disinfection works.

Today, wearing medical masks and using antiseptic solutions is required before entering most, if not all, establishments. All residents are likewise required to have their temperature checked before entry.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan