Flood Disaster Risk Reduction Manual for Tajikistan

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This flood management manual builds on the Flood Green Guide developed by the World Wildlife Fund, and is streamlined according to the requirements of Tajikistan. It is developed to help flood managers, authorities, communities, engineers and practitioners who are involved in flood management and flood alleviation. In addition, this document tries to consolidate the measures undertaken by various NGOs who have engaged in nature-based solutions in Tajikistan.

This manual is subdivided into three parts.

Part I: Flood management guideline

Part II: Hydraulic calculations with step-by-step example

Part III: Best management practice examples

Part I provides a short overview of flooding in Tajikistan, as well as a course of action for planning measures and an analysis of structural and non-structural measures. Section 3 is dedicated to data availability. This section is also meant for assisting practitioners who want to make use of publicly available data sources. Part II is written for those who want to assess rain intensity, flood peaks, flood volume and flow paths. This part also delves into hands-on practice in hydrology and hydraulics, which is useful in the context of floods and designing risk reduction measures when contending with sparse data. Part III gives an overview of good management examples that practitioners have already implemented in Tajikistan.

Source: UN Development Programme