Food and building materials were sent to the villages of Sughd affected by the border conflict

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A convoy was sent to the Sughd region with help for residents affected by border conflicts with Kyrgyzstan.


According to the press service of the regional administration, there are 45 heavy vehicles in the convoy with food, fuel and building materials.


In particular, 500 tons of cement, 220 m3 of wood, 5000 pieces of slate, 1500 sq.m of plywood and drywall, 5 tons of nails, 500 sq.m of glass, 250 tons of coal, 60 tons of flour, 10 tons of oil, 15 tons of rice, 25 tons of sugar.


Assistance will mainly be provided to the families of residents of the communities of Chorkuh, Lakkon, Chilgazi, Kulkand, Zumrad, Surkh, Vorukh of the city of Isfara and the communities of Ovchi-Kalacha and Khistevarz of Bobojon Gafurov district.


Source: Asia-Plus