Foreign Capital Inflows Increase by 99 Million

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(NIAT Khovar) – This year, Tajikistan received $276.3 million in foreign investments, of which $125.2 million is made up of foreign direct investments, $ 100.000 is equity capital and $ 151 million is other investments. Compared to the first half of last year, the inflow of foreign capital amounted to $99 million, including $45.4 million through direct capital, and$53.9 million in other types of investments.

The Chairman of the State Committee for Investments and State Property Management Sadi Kodirzoda said that during the first half of 2021 foreign investments in Tajikistan amounted to $104 million, including from Luxembourg — $66.8 million, Turkey — $13.5 million, Switzerland — $13.1 million, Saudi Arabia — $10.6 million, Philippines — $8.6 million, UK — $6.9 million , Cyprus — $4.6 million, US — $4.5 million, Kuwait — $4.1 million, Germany — $1.7 million, France — $1.2 million, Russia — $1.1 million, and Kazakhstan — $ 200.000.

Kodirzoda added that direct investments for this period came mainly from China, totaling $89.1 million.

Investments are directed mainly to the mining, processing, service and other industries.

Currently, the committee works in collaboration with domestic entrepreneurs and foreign investors to implement projects for the construction of an enterprise for the production of electrical equipment, an agro-industrial complex, an innovative greenhouse, and the organization of wholesale distribution centers, enterprises for the production of cement, a plant for the production of textile products, as well as a metallurgical enterprise for the processing of final powder mineral raw materials.

More than 5 billion somoni of direct domestic and foreign investments are needed for their implementation, which will in turn produce 1000 new jobs.

Along with this, negotiations are underway to attract foreign direct investments with business circles of China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Great Britain, Turkey, Malaysia, and the Republic of Korea.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan