France, by supporting Armenia, is complicit in its crimes against humanity – Western Azerbaijan Community

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs hastily made a statement about the decision of the International Court of Justice dated November 17, 2023, trying to create the impression that the decision is in line with France's position, said the West Azerbaijan Community in a statement, APA reports. The Community said that it is well known to French diplomacy that the decision of the International Court of Justice only lists the steps that Azerbaijan is already taking. Azerbaijan ensures the rights of all people living in its territory, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation. Azerbaijan has clearly declared its policy regarding the right of return of Armenians who moved from the Karabakh region. Therefore, France's intervention in this matter is inappropriate, baseless and provocative. It would be good if France directs its remarks to itself and to the Armenian government, which does not even theoretically agree to the return of the expelled Azerbaijanis. By unconditionally supporting Armenia, Fra nce is complicit in its crimes against humanity, including the violation of the right of return of Azerbaijanis. The Western Azerbaijan Community will continue to expose France's attempts to advance its nefarious neo-colonial goals in the region by abusing the sublime value of human rights. Source: Azeri-Press news agency