GBAO governor apologizes to residents of region for the lack of electricity

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“I apologize to residents of GBAO for failure to provide villages with regular electricity this winter. This situation showed us that we still have many problems and shortcomings in this sphere. To resolve these problems, we have three big plans,” Mr. Faizov said.

According to him, 19 solar power plants are expected to be constructed in the region during the period from 2021 through 2023. Besides, Pamir Energy Company (PamirEnergy)’s power grid will be connected to the national power system during this period.

He, in particular, gave an example of Darvoz and Vanj districts of the region, which are connected to the national power system and “their electricity did not turn off for an hour.”

“It is also planned to construct the Sebzor hydropower plant that will allow ensuring regular supply of electricity to residential customers during winter season within the next two-three years. However, with the development of industry, these capacities will not be enough. Therefore, we are currently seeking other resources for construction of Sanobod, Chartem and other hydropower plants in the region,” GBAO governor noted.

An electricity rationing introduced in rural areas of Tajikistan in early January has been reduced from seven to six hours.

Recall, the electricity rationing system came into force in Tajikistan on January 5, beginning at 11:00 pm. Residential customers in rural areas had electricity seventeen hours per day – from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Electricity rationing has not affected Dushanbe, regional administrative centers and large cities.

Beginning on February 13, electricity rationing has been reduced by 1 hour and residential customers in rural areas now have electricity eighteen hours per day – from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm.

The power rationing has reportedly been reduced due to increase in water level in the Vakhsh River.

Measures rationing electricity supplies are usually introduced in all regions except Dushanbe and regional administrative centers and they seek to curb the country's rising electricity consumption. In addition to curbing rising consumption, the move also stems from a decline in the water level in the country's reservoirs powering the main hydroelectric power plants.

Source: Asia-Plus