Government sent assistance to affected Khuroson residents

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The government sent aid to the victims of the disaster in the Khuroson region. These are building materials, food, medical preparations.


In general, a convoy of more than 230 humanitarian aid trucks was sent to Khatlon today: not only to victims of the disaster, but also to support doctors struggling with COVID-19 and for patients with this diagnosis throughout the region, “Asia-Plus” was informed by spokesman for the chairman of the region, Nosirjon Mamurzoda.


In general, 85 tons of food products were sent to Khatlon: 16 tons of potatoes, onions and carrots, 13 tons of flour, 9 tons of rice, 4 tons of pasta, 4 tons of buckwheat, 4 tons of butter, 3 tons of barley and other cereals.


Food will be distributed in the districts and cities of Khatlon.


According to the spokesperson, 42 tons of food were allocated for the affected residents of the Khuroson region.


Building materials were also sent to the area affected by landslide: slate, reinforcement, cement. Meanwhile, assistance from international organizations was also sent to injured residents yesterday in Khuroson.


The press center of the CoES of Tajikistan reports that on May 19, the Committee, with the support of international organizations such as the UN Children’s Fund in Tajikistan (UNICEF), the Aga Khan Habitat Agency, allocated and sent ten thousand liters of diesel fuel, 300 hygiene kits, 300 pieces of containers ( 10 liter) for drinking water, 100,000 boxes of disinfectant tablets for water treatment.


Source: Asia Plus