Grande rate decrease awaits you at The First MicroFinanceBank.

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The services of The First Microfinance Bank are aimed at business development, improving the welfare of the country and the economy as a whole. The decrease in rates will support our clients, as well as the population of the country to meet the need for affordable lending, which is observed in connection with the consequences of the financial crisis caused by the pandemic.


The bank offers a wide range of loan products to individual clients, microcredits, loans to small and medium-sized businesses at attractive interest rates.


You can use lower interest rates on loans for all products today! Realize your plans and opportunities with us!


The minimum annual interest rate for a loan secured by gold ranges from 18% in somoni and 9% in US dollars.


The minimum annual interest rate for a loan for our repeat customers secured by other collateral forms range from 22% in somoni and 13% in US dollars.


The minimum annual interest rate for a loan for new clients with other collateral forms are provided loans at rates ranging from 24% in somoni and 15% in US dollars.


The bank also provides additional discounts on loan products to customers who are served under a salary project.


The bank’s clients can choose one of the provided credit categories, which best suits their needs and requirements.




Agricultural loans:


The First Microfinance Bank supports the development of the country’s agricultural economy and offers loans to agricultural enterprises on favorable terms. This product allows borrowers to use capital to grow crops.






The housing issue is a pressing problem that concerns almost everyone. Bank customers can take advantage of an offer for registration of a mortgage for 120 months.




Express loans:


Express loans make it possible to enjoy life right now, without postponing a long-awaited purchase, training, or renovation until tomorrow. The collateral for the product is gold.




Auto credit:


This type of loan is offered to individuals living mainly in urban and suburban areas for the purchase of a car for personal use. Dreams about a car can be realized now!




Consumer loans:


The product makes it possible to satisfy any needs that affect the quality of life. For example, buying property, paying for tuition, medical treatment, social events.




Business loans:


The First Microfinance Bank supports the development of entrepreneurial activity and offers loans to increase turnover, support liquidity, purchase fixed assets, and increase production capacity.






A loan for studies with a low interest rate to pay for studies in all educational institutions of the country. The most favorable credit conditions for education, the best opportunity to pay for the education of your children!




The First Microfinance Bank provides clients with access to all competitive and innovative products and services of the bank. The bank’s clients can obtain loans at reduced rates up to 30,000 somoni without a guarantor and collateral.


The First Microfinance Bank is your development partner!


Source: Asia-Plus