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The Islamic Hamas movement's politburo chief, Ismail Haniyeh, said on Friday, that, his movement is seeking understandings with various parties, to reach calm and end the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Haniyeh's remarks were made, as he addressed a speech from his house in Gaza city, to the 10th conference of Jerusalem's Pioneers, held in Turkey's Istanbul via video. "Today, in order to break the siege, we are seeking understandings with several parties, including Qatar, Egypt and the United Nations, understandings that could bring calm for breaking the siege," said Haniyeh.

However, he added that, it "wouldn't have any political prices on the expense of the Palestinian unity between the West Bank and Gaza. Our responsibility is to ensure a dignity life for our people."

Since Mar 30, violence in the Gaza Strip between Israel and the Palestinians, has been escalating, as the Palestinians held, every Friday, anti-Israel marches.

Egypt, Qatar and UN Special Envoy, Nickolay Mladenov, are mediating a calm deal between Israel and Hamas, including relaxing the Israeli blockade and improving the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Thursday, Hamas said that, its leaders in Gaza have been holding dialogue and consultation with leaders of various political powers and factions on a calm deal with Israel.

At least 198 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces, during clashes, since the protests started on Mar 30.