Head of Ibn Sino Clinic Board of Directors Says the Epidemic in Tajikistan May End This Summer

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DUSHANBE,  Yesterday, the Republican Commission on Coronavirus Prevention officially confirmed 15 cases of coronavirus infection in Tajikistan.

Yesterday, in an interview with Radio Ozodi, Chief of Ibn Sino Clinic Directors Board Abdukhalil Kholikzoda said that by observing basic rules of hygiene, people can avoid becoming infected with this virus.

“Do not be afraid and do not panic. It is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene and thoroughly wash your hands, use an antiseptic and walk in a mask, maintain distance, and do not touch your face with your hands. But in case of infection, there is no need to panic – the coronavirus is not lethal” said Kholikzoda.

The recovery rate for COVID-19 is high.

Now, after the Health Ministry officially announced the presence of coronavirus infection in the country, many are interested in the question: Can we overcome this crisis and how soon?

Kholikzoda believes that we can. According to him, if the population follows the rules of hygiene and the recommendations of doctors, the epidemic in Tajikistan may end as soon as this summer.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan