Health Minister and Deputies Inspect Hospitals and Health Centers

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DUSHANBE,  Yesterday, the officials from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of Tajikistan, including Minister Jamoliddin Abdullozoda and his deputies, inspected the hospitals and health centers in Yovon, Rudaki, Tursunzoda and Dushanbe, reports the head of the ministry’s press center Bibikhonum Darveshzoda.

According to her, ministry is carrying out various measures for the prevention and treatment of COVIS-19. The ministry’s commission monitors the condition of hospitals, provision of protective clothing for doctors and medications for patients, drug prices in pharmacies, and solves issues.

“Minister Abdullozoda has familiarized himself with the work of hospitals and health centers in order to take concrete measures to eliminate existing shortcomings. On May 9, he visited hospitals and other healthcare facilities in several cities and districts of the Khatlon province, including the Kulob zone,” says Darveshzoda.

Yesterday, Abdullozoda visited the Yovon district, his First Deputy Saida Umarzoda was in the Rudaki district, and his Deputy Shodikhon Jamshed visited Tursunzoda. Other heads of ministry’s departments inspected the condition of health centers and hospitals in Dushanbe, taking urgent measures to eliminate existing shortcomings.

“While on his trip, Abdullozoda met with the chairman of Yovon and the chief doctor of the Central District Hospital and made recommendations on the prevention of COVID-19,” she adds.

These days, two other deputies Aziz Odinazoda and Mirhamuddin Kamolzoda are in Sughd and Badakhshon.

“The purpose of these trips is to inspect the activities of doctors and the process of treating patients with coronavirus in medical institutions and at home, providing patients with medications, medical equipment, the supply of protective uniforms for medical personnel, and to identify other shortcomings in the work of institutions, ” notes Darveshzoda.

Similar trips are planned in the coming days to the Rasht zone.

The Ministry of Health’s current site ( includes a section where citizens can send their appeals directly to the Minister of Health. In the coming days, they will launch a special website specifically for COVID-19.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan