Health Ministry develops system for epidemiological situation monitoring

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The Department of Disease Prevention and State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, together with the Center for Electronic Healthcare of Kyrgyzstan, developed iEPID information system for monitoring public health incidents. Press center of the Ministry of Health reported.

According to it, iEPID is aimed at monitoring the epidemiological situation in the country and provides a quick and effective response to emerging problems, including outbreaks of infectious diseases. The system allows to track them, providing real-time information on the number of cases, spread of the disease across territories and other factors necessary for taking effective measures. For example, it is currently actively monitoring outbreaks of measles, meningitis, and COVID-19.

«Previously, information on various cases of infectious diseases was collected randomly through telephone and e-mail, which could lead to delays and incorrect assessment of risks in outbreaks. To minimize the impact of the human factor, iEPID is integrated with other healthcare information systems. Data is automatically transferred to it if a case of epidemiological significance is registered,» the ministry said.

iEPID has pre-set incidence thresholds for various diseases and it automatically analyzes information from different systems. When the number of cases exceeds a set threshold, the system generates an alert that requires further review and validation. The information system also made it possible to significantly reduce paperwork, cancel a number of forms, reporting forms and information logs.

The system was developed as part of the implementation of the target model for the development of digital healthcare Sanarip MED.

Source: News Agency