Heavy Rain and Snowfall Expected Across Tajikistan

From January 28 through January 29, a decrease in the temperature background and heavy precipitation in the form of rain and snow are predicted in Tajikistan, and heavy snowfall in some highlands above 2000 meters, reports the Agency for Hydrometeorology.

Fog is possible in some areas from January 29 through January 31.

The Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (CESCD) warns that ice, a high degree of danger of avalanches and rockfall remain in the sections of the roads Dushanbe — Khujand, Dushanbe — Sangvor, Vahdat — Rasht — Lakhsh — Karamyk, Shamsiddin Shohin — Darvoz, Vanj — Khorug — Ishkoshim, and Khorug — Murghob.

In order to prevent accidents on the roads, the CESCD reminds drivers to prepare their vehicles, and to change summer tires to winter ones. Trucks need to have anti-skid chains. When driving in mountainous areas it is necessary to strictly observe the speed limit and the established interval of movement between cars.

Due to the decrease in the temperature background, in order to avoid the spread of seasonal respiratory diseases, it is necessary to dress according to the season, wear protective masks and follow the rules of sanitary and hygienic standards. It is important to not leave children unattended.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan