Heavy Rains Damage Roads, Houses and Bridges

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DUSHANBE,  Seasonally unusual amount of precipitation has caused a lot of damage to infrastructure throughout the country. Heavy rains have provoked a series of emergencies in recent days, reports the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense.

Yesterday, due to heavy rains and rising water levels in the Kofarnihon River in the Vahdat area, about 500 meters of the left bank was flooded, 150-200 meters of local roads, and 3 residential buildings built near the river were destroyed. The threat of damage to three other residential buildings remains. In order to protect people from the effects of natural disasters, residents were evacuated to safe places. The Committee’s responsible officers, as well as Vahdat administration are working at the emergency site.

Torrential rains provoked mudflows and an increase in the water level in the Elok River in Fayzobod district, as a result of which the left bank of the river, where the Kabgurez village is located, was flooded.

As a result of these occurances,  the bridge connecting Kabgurez and Navbahor villages with the rural community named after Dustmurod Aliyev have experience much damage. To prevent accidents, traffic on this bridge was stopped and is currently being diverted through the center of Dustmurod Aliyev. In the village of Surkhdara, mud slides filled 3 homesteads of local residents.

Local emergency commissions of districts are working on the ground. There are no casualties.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan