Holding a regional forum of domestic entrepreneurs in Sughd region entitled “Development of innovative entrepreneurship”

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On April 27, 2021 in Khujand city of Sughd region was held the Regional Forum of domestic entrepreneurs "Development of innovative entrepreneurship" by the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management together with the executive body of Sughd region and in cooperation with ministries, agencies and development partners. .

The Forum was attended by more than 150 people, including representatives of innovative companies and enterprises of the country, banks, ministries and agencies and development partners.

It was noted that the main purpose of the Forum is to expand cooperation between entrepreneurs from different regions of the country, the development of innovative activities, the search for opportunities for modern entrepreneurship and startups, the presentation of public-private partnerships, attracting more domestic private sector investment; and methods of improving public policy in the area of investment and entrepreneurship.

Following the official part of the Forum, its further work in 4 panels on "Development of innovative entrepreneurship in the context of improving infrastructure: communication and technological communication", "Technology parks as a basis for the development of innovative products", "Opportunities for public-private partnership" for the development of modern infrastructure in Tajikistan ”and“ Start-ups as a new way of developing entrepreneurship among young people ”.

Then, a bilateral meeting of entrepreneurs from different regions of the country was held in the format of "Entrepreneur with Entrepreneur" (B2B), as a result of which new cooperation documents were agreed and signed.

Within the framework of the forum, entrepreneurs and guests visited the enterprises “MMK Agro”, “Krutoni”, “Sayhun”, “Halovat”, “Subhi Zarin”, “Ariana Asia Metal”, “Archa” and “Amid” of Sughd region. , were introduced to the production process.

Participants of the Regional Forum of Domestic Entrepreneurs praised the development of relations between entrepreneurs and investors in the country's regions, aimed at signing trade agreements and contracts, covering one of the most promising areas.

Source: State committee on investment and state property management of the Republic of Tajikistan