How Has COVID-19 Changed the Work of Libraries, Museums and Theaters?

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DUSHANBE,  The COVID – 19 pandemic has changed the economic situation and trade relations of all countries. Already more or less, it becomes clear what will happen to these areas in the future. Cultural institutions are also in a difficult position today. There are no readers, visitors, spectators.

“The flow of readers has fallen sharply at the National Library of Tajikistan (NLT) in Dushanbe,” said the Library’s Deputy Director Salima Rajabzoda.

According to her, the library is visited by 10-15 people – regular users of the library.

“Before the COVID-19 emergence, up to 1800 people visited the library,” added Rajabzoda.

Due to the reduction in readers, the NLT has changed its hours of operation. If earlier it was open from 8:00 to 20:00, now it is open until 17:00.

Currently, the library’s website ( has an electronic library that can be used by anyone who needs literature.

“All sanitary-epidemiological work and the rules in the library are respected. We are ready to serve and are waiting for our readers,” noted Rajabzoda.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the activities of museums, with the number of visitors having decreased in almost all of them.

According to the Director General Ibrohim Ibrohimov of the Khujand Cultural and Historical Complex Kalaj Khujand, 5,700 people visited this historical museum in March, and there were only 1,400 people in April, but in early May this number was even lower than in the previous months.

“Today we are operating normally. At the entrance, visitors are required to have their temperature measured and to treat their hands with an antiseptic. Museum staff constantly ensures that a proper distance between people is constantly maintained,” said Ibrohimov.

“People walk freely in Kamoli Khujandi culture and recreation park, the museum’s responsible employees constantly monitor that people walking are masked and observing a distance of at least 1.5 meters,” noted Ibrohimov.

Today, despite the coronavirus, work continues in our theaters. Despite the fact that all performances for showing to the audience have been canceled, the artists still continue rehearsals.

Actors of the Tajik State Academic Theater of Russian Drama Theater named after Mayakovsky, according to the actress and theater director Munira Dadaeva, are now working on the production of “Balzaminov’s Marriage” based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky staged by the young talented director Khurshed Mustafoyev.

“We are really looking forward to the end of the coronavirus to meet our audience with a new performance,” said Dadaeva.

According to the director of the Tajik State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Sadriddin Aini Manuchehr Sharifzoda, the musicians and the ballet troupe of the theater continue rehearsals and when the situation stabalizes the audience will be able to visit the theater once again.

“As soon as the doors of our theater opens for the audience, we will spend an evening in memory of Malika Sobirova, which we planned to hold on May 22. In addition, there is a rehearsal of the opera The Queen of Spades by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, which is scheduled to close the current theater season,” said Sharifzoda.

Everyone is expressing hope that the problems with COVID – 19 will be resolved soon and that they will be able to return to their usual activities.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan