IEA: in April, Russia’s oil revenues decreased by 27%

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that in April, Russian exports of oil and petroleum products became the highest since February 2022 - supplies increased by 50 thousand barrels per day compared to the previous month, to 8.3 million. However, according to IEA estimates, despite the increase in exports in April, Russia's oil revenues decreased by 27% compared to April last year - to $15 billion. The agency recalls that in March, the decline in income in annual terms was even greater - by 40%. The IEA clarifies that the export of Russian oil and petroleum products in April amounted to 5.2 million barrels per day and was the highest since May 2022. The two largest consumers in Asia, China, and India, increased the purchase of Russian raw materials to 2.1 and 2 million barrels per day, respectively. 400 thousand barrels per day were supplied to the EU, mainly to Hungary and Slovakia by pipe and to Bulgaria by sea. At the same time, the main buyers of Russian oil products are Turkey, China, and India, receiving 430, 220 and 180 thousand barrels per day. A total of 3.1 million barrels per day of Russian petroleum products were exported, follows from the IEA data.

Source: Turan News Agency