In car accidents killed 6 people

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22.10.2016, at about 19:00 pm, 29-year-old driver of car "Opel-Vectra", resident of the Zafarobod district following the highway "Istaravshan-Zafarabad", on the territory of the village of Jamoat Zarhalol, could not ensure the safety of road, hit a 65-year-old local resident. As a result, an elderly pedestrian, received injuries incompatible with life, died in hospital.

Also, on this day at 07:30 am, 31-year-old driver of the car brand "Opel-Astra", a resident of Kabadiyan district while driving on a highway "Dushanbe-Shahritus", 118-km territory of Jamoat village Kizil-Kala Khuroson district lost control over transport capsized in roadside.

Subsequently, the 44-year-old pedestrian, resident of Kabadiyan, received serious injuries, died on the place of the incident, the driver was hospitalized.

On the day 23.10.2016, at about 19:30 pm, 39-year-old driver of the car brand "Opel-Astra", a resident of Istaravshan, the territory of the Dehoti Street of Istaravshan, hit a 11-year-old local resident. The child was injured incompatible with life died at the place of incident.

At 18:30 pm that day, under the wheels of 37-year-old driver of the car brand "Nexia", resident of Kanibadam Township, on the highway "Madaniat-Aini-Bobokalonov", also killed 76-year-old pedestrian, a local resident.

23.10.2016, at approximately 17:00 pm, 34-year-old driver of Kamaz, a resident of Rudaki district, while driving on the Sohili street toward the Abay-Dehoti streets Dushanbe, lost control over the transport, collided with "Scooter" is running under the control of 18-year-old resident of Dushanbe. As a result of the scooter driver received got injuries and died in hospital.

On the same day 23.10.2016, at about 18:00 in the evening, 34-year-old driver of the car brand "Ural", a resident of Kuhistoni Mastcoh, moving on the highway "Lanlif - Hudgifi-bolo" near the village "Mullohuseyn", came under a rock fall. Subsequently, the vehicle overturned in the 150-meter cliff, the driver died at the scene of accidents.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan