In car accidents killed three people

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At about 10:30 of the day, 23-year-old driver of the car brand "Opel Vectra", resident of Dangara district, following from Dilnishin village towards the village Gargara Dangara district lost control over the transport, crashed into a concrete fence, in resulting in overturned. Subsequently, 19-year-old passenger car, local resident of the received serious injuries, died at the scene of accident.

Also, in 24.11.2016, at approximately 06:30 am, the driver of ZIL-131, 59-year-old resident of J.Balkhi, an employee of the local Road maintenance management scattering sand on the roads of the territory of the Jamoat Madaniat due to the slip road overturned. As a result, two employees of Road maintenance, local residents, aged 61 and 32 years old, died on the place of incident.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan