India Provides Grant Assistance to Tajikistan for Social Projects

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The cost of each project developed and financed under the memorandum between the governments of Tajikistan and India on gratuitous assistance for the implementation of community impact projects is 16.94 million somoni, or more than $1 million. The goal of the memorandum is to finance the necessary infrastructure in the field of education, healthcare, agriculture, small-scale irrigation, renewable energy sources, trade, transport, communications, and other sectors of Tajikistan, reported the press secretary of the Assembly of Representatives Muhammadato Sultonov.

The draft resolution of the Assembly of Representatives on the memorandum between Tajikistan and India on gratuitous assistance for the implementation of projects that have a significant impact on communities was discussed at the third session of the Assembly of Representatives, which took place on April 13 this year.

Minister of Finance Fayziddin Kahhorzoda noted that the memorandum was developed as part of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two governments on the implementation of highly effective projects for economic and social development, improving the living standards of the population and was signed on December 16, 2021 in Dushanbe.

“Given the importance of implementing social projects and the phased implementation of measures defined in the National Development Strategy of Tajikistan for the period until 2030 and the Medium-Term Development Program of Tajikistan for 2021-2025, the approval of the memorandum is of great importance,” said Kahhorzoda during the discussion of the memorandum with the deputies.

Member of the Committee on Economics and Finance of the Assembly of Representatives Munavvar Abdusalomzoda noted that the memorandum was submitted for approval by the government.

“The document has passed internal procedures, complies with Article 57 of the Constitution of Tajikistan and the Law On International Treaties. It also meets the requirements of international treaties,” said Abdusalomzoda.

The Ambassador of India to Tajikistan Viraj Singh noted that in 2021, India and Tajikistan signed three new cooperation documents, including a memorandum on the allocation of grants for community development projects, each project worth $1.5 million.

“Two new documents were signed with the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan in the India-Central Asia Dialogue, one on cooperation between the Indian Foreign Ministry and the Tajik Foreign Ministry and the other between the two countries,” Singh added.

This year Tajikistan and India mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

The two countries have established cooperation in the field of education and healthcare. Currently 1,400 Indian students are studying in Tajikistan. To date, 360 Tajik students have studied at Indian universities under the ICCR scholarship program. Also, within the framework of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Program, 1,500 Tajiks completed short-term courses in India.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan