International organizations help improve waste management system in Zarafshon Valley

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The system that was set up and opened for usage in the area of Shome near Shurmashk village links now the four villages Pinyon, Shurmashk, Pasrud and Marghuzor to the final waste disposal site with a capacity for about 400 m3 of household waste. The system will be maintained and exploited under the supervision of Fondaryo Jamoat.


Cesvi staff reportedly provided trainings for the village population on waste segregation and separate composting of organic waste in the frame of the planning process for the establishment of the improved waste management system, while being also in charge for the supervision of the construction of the waste deposit site in early 2020, aiming at reducing the unplanned disposal of household waste along the river sides and therefore also reducing the negative impact of such waste onto the health of local population.


The population of the four villages with support of Cesvi decided to conduct a public cleaning campaign in each village to initiate the opening and use of the established waste deposit site and the system in general. The population gathered dispersed waste in the villages and along river banks, and partly brought their household waste to be transported to the final disposal site.  Approximately 3 m3 of waste was collected in the four villages and disposed at the new disposal site.


In this event, besides the local population, representatives of the Ayni Hukumat, Mr. Z. Qanoatov, the Sanitary Epidemiology Station (SES), Mr. Sh. Davlatov and Ecological Protection Department of Ayni, Mr. A. Sodiqov, the Tajik TV in Zarafshon valley and Fayzi Zarafshon newspaper participated in the opening and initiation action. Mr. Z. Qanoatov expressed his appreciation for the established improved waste management system in Pasrud valley and reminded the future users on the importance of waste segregation from the source towards the waste deposit site.


Taking the recommendations of the Government of Tajikistan into account, which request to avoid big gatherings at the moment, Cesvi supported the village population and representatives of Fondaryo Jamoat to hold a small opening ceremony for the waste deposit site with all necessary precaution measures.


Source: Asia Plus