It is still premature to speak about the second wave of COVID19 in Tajikistan, says health official

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People in Tajikistan are waiting with fear for the second wave of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  People are worried about information on the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in the Sughd province.


Acting Director of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service of Tajikistan, Navrouz Jaffarov, told Asia-Plus about the epidemiological situation in the country and measures taken by the healthcare authorities to prevent the further spread of the disease.


“According to the statistical data, the current coronavirus situation in Tajikistan is stable and the disease is gradually declining,” Jaffarov noted.

According to him, they receive data on COVD-19 from labs operating in the country.  “We register mainly cases confirmed by our labs,” he said.


He further noted that they were studying the situation in the Sughd province.


“A group of physicians and specialists has traveled to the Sughd province.  They have studied the situation, carried out analyses, on the basis of which the reports were compiled,” said Jaffarov.  “The findings have shown that the current situation in the Sughd province is under control.”


It is still premature to speak about the second wave of the novel coronavirus in the country according to him.


“Currently there are 10 labs for implementation of COVID diagnostic test registered in Tajikistan.  Nine of them operate and one is getting repaired.  Of those nine labs, two are the private ones.  Each of those labs carries out 200 PRC-based tests daily.  It turns out that 1,500-2,000 PRC-based test are carried out in the country daily.  To-date, we have examined more than 40,000 tests, the remainder is 90,000,” the health official said.



Asked about WHOs intention to send to Tajikistan mobile lab teams from Germany, the United Kingdom and Russia, Jaffarov said, “The mobile lab teams have not yet arrived in Tajikistan.  Although there is already an agreement.  Currently, two mobile labs, which we received from Russia, are operating in Tajikistan.  One of them is operating in the Kulob region of the Khatlon province and another one is operating in Dushanbe.”


Source: Asia Plus