It still premature to say that Tajikistan passed its peak of coronavirus infections, says head of WHO mission

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Ms. Bakhtygul Karryyeva, an acting head of the World Health Organization (WHO) mission in Tajikistan says neither Tajikistan nor neighboring countries have passed their peaks of coronavirus infection.  She made such a statement in an interview with Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodi.


Ms. Karryyeva has reportedly told about difference between official and unofficial statistics, protocol used to treat COVID-19 and called on the Tajik authorities to refrain from organizing mass public events.


Asked about the alternative list of COVID-19 victims in Tajikistan, which is posted on the website, she said that they are aware of that website.  She extended condolences to all those who had lost loved ones.


WHO mission has reportedly promised to study that list.


The World Health Organization recommends that all cases of coronavirus-linked deaths be registered.  The statistics must also include the possible cases of the COVID-19-related deaths.  In many cases, it is not possible to pass the test.  If a person dies with similar symptoms, it can be assumed that he became victim of COVID-19.


Radio Ozodi noted that WHO European representatives had recommended that the Tajik authorities carrying more daily PRC-based tests because 100-200 PRC-based tests per day are not enough for the complete picture of the incident of COVID-19.


Ms. Karryyeva noted that each country had its own testing policy.


Asked whether she agrees with a statement by some Tajik officials that the country had already passed its peak of coronavirus infection, she said that it was still premature to say that Tajikistan had passed its peak of the disease.  “Pandemic develops differently in every country,” Ms. Karryyeva noted.


Recall, the Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population, Jaloliddin Abdullozoda, said in an interview with SSSR newspaper on May 29 that Tajikistan passed its peak of coronavirus infection, when the country recorded the highest number of daily confirmed COVID-19 cases.


According to him, after peaking in mid-May at 211 new cases per day, the number of daily infections in Tajikistan has been decreasing and the number of recovering patients has been increasing with every passing day.


U.N. health agency appointed Bakhtygul Karryyeva, who had previously worked at the Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe, acting head of the WHO permanent mission in Tajikistan on May 27.


She has replaced Ms. Galina Perfiliyeva, who has reportedly left the country in connection with the end of her tenure to Tajikistan.


Source: Asia Plus