«It was all wrong». The Embassy of Tajikistan in Russia commented on the beating of an employee

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The Embassy of Tajikistan in Russia published on its Facebook page a message about the incident that occurred on September 24 in the territory of the diplomatic mission.


«On September 24, 2020, while accepting applications from citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan for consideration and inclusion in export lists, an embassy employee was attacked, who received physical injuries», – the message says.


It is noted that the attacker was not alone.


«The attackers were promptly detained and currently the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation are conducting investigative measures to clarify all the circumstances of the incident, including the motives for the attack», – noted in the publication.


The embassy denied information about the motive of the beating, which was previously spread by the media.


«We note that the version spread in the media that the reason for the attack on an employee of the Tajik Embassy in Moscow was allegedly rough treatment of citizens is absolutely untrue. In this regard, the embassy appeals to representatives of domestic and foreign media to take a more responsible approach to the coverage of certain events related to the process of evacuation of Tajik citizens from Russia», – the publication says.


However, what exactly caused the attack on the diplomatic mission employee is not reported.


Source: Asia Plus