Italy threatened to block the EU budget

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Italy ready to veto the budget of the European Union (EU), if the States of Eastern Europe would not accept migrants.

On Tuesday, October 25, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, reports La Repubblica.

If countries such as Hungary and Slovakia, read us a moral about migrants and not help and then want our money, then in 2017 when the budget debate, Italy is ready to veto, said Renzi. According to him, the ruling majority and the opposition should say to these countries that the mechanism, according to which Rome pays to the EU budget of Euros 20 billion, and the EU returns 12 billion euros, no longer works.

Renzi also called 2017 key in order to stop the flow of migrants trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean sea. More of the same year, Italy will not stand, stressed the Prime Minister.

5 October it was reported that the sailors of the Italian coast guard has saved 1.8 thousand people with a few distress boats. Large-scale search operation was launched after the open sea was discovered a dozen different ships with illegal immigrants.

Migration crisis erupted in Europe in 2015 . Once in March 2016, were blocked by the so-called Balkan route for refugees from the Middle East made their way to the EU via the territory of Macedonia and Serbia, the main flow of migrants moved through Italy. As a rule, boats loaded with people sail from the North African coast and end up in one of the southern Italian ports. In 2014 while trying to cross this route sank more than 6 thousand people. In this case, before the European banks got from the beginning of this year more than 300 thousand workers.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan