Kazakh military transport plane carries to Tajikistan Tajik citizens stuck in Kazakhstan

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 A Kazakh military transport plane on March 28 carried to Tajikistan 23 Tajik citizens trapped in Kazakhstan.

According to Kazakhstan’s official website on the coronavirus situation in Kazakhstan, a Kazakh military transport plane on March 28 brought back to Kazakhstan 24 Kazakh nationals stuck in Tajikistan after the introduction by Tajik authorities of restrictive measures due coronavirus concerns.

The same day, 23 Tajik nationals trapped in Kazakhstan were reportedly carried to Tajikistan, the website says.

The first cases of the coronavirus were reported in Kazakhstan on March 13. According to some sources, Kazakhstan’s tally of coronavirus infections rose to 191 on Saturday, March 28.

Kazakhstan has declared a state of emergency and locked down its capital, Nur-Sultan, and the biggest city of Almaty, which together account for a vast majority of cases, in a bid to curb spread of the disease.

Recall, Tajik national air carrier Tajik Air operated special flight on March 26 to bring back Tajik citizens trapped in Moscow.

On March 25, Tajik Air operated a special commercial flight to carry 206 Russian nationals from Dushanbe to Moscow.

On March 26, Tajik national air carrier brought back to Dushanbe about 200 Tajik nationals, including 132 Tajik nationals who were planned to be carried to Dushanbe by Russian airline Utair.

Radio Ozodi reports that Tajikistan’s privately owned air carrier Somon Air carried 182 Tajik nationals from Moscow to the Tajik southern city of Kulob.

Tajik Air operated flight to Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) on March 20, using Boeing 757 to bring back Tajik nationals stuck there and willing to return home. The return flight was reportedly operated in the morning of March 21.

Tajikistan on March 20 closed its airports altogether due to the coronavirus concerns, albeit some flights are still being serviced. Tajik nationals trapped abroad and wishing to return home are being offered slots on charter flights.

Returnees have been placed in quarantine for safe measure.

Source: Asia Plus