Khujand International Airport Purchases Thirty Units of Necessary Equipment in 2022

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Khujand International Airport purchased 30 units of the necessary equipment in 2022, reports the press center of the Chairman of the Sughd region.

Modern equipment and machinery were purchased to improve the level of passenger service. Currently, the number of cars in the airport’s fleet has reached 130 units.

According to representatives of the airport, 3 buses, 4 gangways, 2 modern conveyors, 2 sets of electrical equipment for the engine, 8 cars, 4 sets of equipment for supplying water to the aircraft were purchased during this period.

While familiarizing with the activities of the airport, the Chairman of Sughd Rajabboy Ahmadzoda gave recommendations to officials on further improving the level of service, purchasing modern machinery and equipment in the future.

Ahmadzoda also got acquainted with the activities of the greenhouses of the airport.

In order to ensure food security, employees of the airport have installed 5 greenhouses, in which they grow cucumbers, tomatoes, lemons and decorative flowers.

According to the airport staff, tomato and cucumber seeds were planted in September last year, and vegetables are already being sold in the markets. Up to 20 tons of products are produced annually in these greenhouses. This product is also provided to airport employees, some of it is sold in markets.

Currently, 300,000 different flowers are grown in greenhouses, which are used to improve the territory of the airport. During 2022, up to 1.5 million decorative flowers were grown in greenhouses.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan