Khujandagro Imports Equipment from Europe For Drying Onions

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The company intends to increase the volume and range of its products. It processes 20 tonnes of agricultural products per day. Today, it continues to receive carrots for processing from the districts of Khatlon region.

At present, 50 people are employed at the Khujandagro, and production has been established using Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian equipment.

The company was founded on the initiative of entrepreneurs living abroad and is engaged in the processing of fruits and vegetables.

During his visit to the enterprise, the Chairman of Sughd Rajabboy Ahmadzoda stressed that the management of the enterprise needs to take measures to increase the volume of production. He gave instruction to reserve the required amount of raw materials and, given the high demand for the manufactured products, proposed to organize work in two shifts.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan