Kok-Jangak residents renovate local park with USAID, Kyrgyz government?support

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With the support of USAID and local government bodies, active citizens renovated a local park in Kok-Jangak city in Jalal-Abad region. The U.S. Embassy in Bishkek reported.

The park now has new paved paths, a children’s playground, public restrooms, a gate, and CCTV security. The renovation was a joint effort of local active citizens, the City Council and Administration, local business owners and USAID’s Jigerduu Jarandar project.

Over the course of two years, with support from USAID’s Jigerduu Jarandar project, a local initiative group raised a total of $66,361 for the park’s reconstruction work. The Jalal-Abad regional fund allocated $47,574 — 71 percent of the total budget — and more than $3,000 was allocated by the Kok-Jangak City Council. Local residents and businesses donated cash and construction materials valued at almost $1,600.

Acting mayor of Kok-Jangak Omurbek Mamytov noted the participation of citizens and the Jalal-Abad Regional Development Fund were key to the renovation of the park.

«The administration of Kok-Jangak will continue to work together with citizens to make our city cleaner, cozier and more comfortable,» he said during the ceremony.

For many years Kok-Jangak’s park, in the heart of the city, was neglected. Renovating the park created a center for the community to come together and remains a source of pride.

«What we are most proud of is that now, after two years of working as an initiative group, we know what it takes to implement such projects, how to work with fellow citizens and authorities, how to fundraise from different sources,»?Marzia Asanova, leader of the initiative group, said.

USAID’s Jigerduu Jarandar project worked closely with the initiative group members, providing legal consultations and technical support. Additionally, the project helped procure 1,600 square meters of paving stones, swings, and outdoor workout equipment valued at $14,000.

«Initiatives like this are a prime example of how civil society, government and businesses work together to improve citizens’ lives. Since 2020, USAID has supported 13 initiatives like this throughout the country and we hope that we will see more of them,» Kaya Adams, USAID’s Mission Director in the Kyrgyz Republic, said.

Source: 24.kg News Agency